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Tonia Hoffman

tonia-hoffman1.jpgtonia-hoffman2.jpgThis is Heavenly Salute aka Mighty Ducker.. He's been on ECJR for two months now and I can tell a LARGE difference in his performance. I can also tell he looks totally different since being on the product.


This is Flaming Red Money aka Check.. He tore his superficial, deep digital, and suspensory we did a surgery on him that went south, and at the last recheck they told me to pull his shoes and hope for a miracle. I started him on ECJR a week ago and can already see improvement. I will be taking him for a recheck in January to see what they say, but I'm VERY happy with results thus far.


I've been pushing the ECJR around all the rodeos I've been going to and told several of my fellow barrel racers about the product. I am honestly amazed at the results I've gotten with both the horses I've got on it. I take Check back in January to see what they say. I'm hoping this was the miracle I needed. He deserves to be back in the arena doing what he loves.. I can't thank you and your company enough.. Thank you! Also if y'all ever decide to have a team Equidite I would be more than happy to be a part of the team.. Great product!!! Thank you so much!!


The horse I call Mighty Ducker did not push off and finish his first barrel until I put him on the ECJR he was on it 4 days before I ran him and WOW what a difference I could tell.. I truly was amazed, and I'm a hard one to do that with.


-Tonia Hoffman