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Sabrina Miller

sabrina-miller-new.jpgLast summer my mare bled during my run. It was my first experience with having to deal with this issue.

I was introduced to Equidite at the Women's Finals in Lincoln. NE After visiting with Coltin we decided to try Bleed Block.

Ali has never been better. I am so impressed with how so is acting & looking since she has been on Bleed Block. I have been able to breeze her out with no side effects, something that I was afraid to do without Lasix. She has a great mental attitude. I ran her at a couple of winter rodeos. The indoor venues are very tight quarters & very loud. Ali stood quiet and happy. She ran both rodeos lasix-free placing third at the first rodeo with a stumble and won the next rodeo. I believe she is running harder & more confident than ever before.

I have started Ali & JD on the ECJR & TMD as well to keep them feeling good & for overall maintenance.

I am very excited to see what this year brings. Thanks Kathryn and Coltin for introducing me to such beneficial product.


Sabrina Miller


3 - Time Great Lakes Circuit Finals Qualifier

2012 Iowa NBHA 1D Champion

2-Day Average Saddle Winner at Big J Barrel Blast, Waterloo, IA

Pursuit of Excellence Award at Sharon Camarillo Classic