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Rick Reeves

"Hawk was a horse that I purchased as a three year old. He had some minor issues in his stifle but I decided to go ahead and buy him. We started showing him at the beginning of his 3 year old year. Mackie Hursh rode him to the finals in the Super Stakes and placed high in the Summer Spectacular Derby. Sadly, Hhis career was over after these events due to his lameness issues. We had won $70k on him in a very short period of time. We had limited opportunities to show him to his potential.


He has a narrow spacing in his stifle which caused him to go to work injured the entire time we were showing him. Hawk was receiving injections on a regular basis, along with IRAP. He now has been in retirement for 2 years, turned out in a pasture and his conditions have steadily been getting worse. At times during retirement he would move decent and other times he could barely even motor.


We started him on Equidite’s Embryo Cell Joint Repair two months ago and he has shown dramatic improvement. The first video was when we started it on him and the 2nd was exactly thirty days after. Significant improvement has been shown as you can see. Also, Hawk has regained all of his muscle around his stifle where before ECJR it had deteriorated away because it wasn’t being used anymore.


Before that 2nd video was taken, Hawk was running, bucking and playing in a 150ft round pen for 45 minutes. He then stood around 30 minutes and previous to using ECJR he would have gotten sore, but didn’t. Mackie Hursh says he shown even more improvement since this 2nd video.


Our goal is to bring Hawk back to the cutting pen and this video is proof that we are well on our way. I am amazed at what this supplement has done and will continue to use it to return hawk to the career he deserves."


-Rick Reeves
Happy Valley Ranch