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Rebecca Hughes

rebbeca-hughes1.jpgrebecca-hughes2.jpgrebecca-hughes3.jpgI have a really nice horse that I started seasoning at rodeo's 2 years ago. He just quit firing. After investigating every pain and trying several things I decided to turn him out. After 10 months I started exercising him again. I ran him a couple of times in March and April. He felt really good, so I started entering more often.


After winning a big added money race in Mid June he bled. I battled his bleeding all summer. Each time I thought it was under control then he would bleed again. I entered the WPRA Finals in Oct. My first run in the card race he fell all the way to his hip and still placed at the top of the 2D with a 16.61, and bled.


He was given lasix, Chinese Herbs, and used the flare strip. Earlier that day I had spoken to Coltin and Kathryn Black with Equidite about their Bleed Block powder. I went and bought a bucket. I started him on a loading dose that day. The next day for our second run he did not fire, hit a barrel, still ran a 16.6, not bleeding!!! On day three he felt much better, running a 16.2 and again no bleeding!!!


Since then I have had great success. I have started decreasing the lasix. He is running harder than ever and I have had several people notice how much harder he is running. I am super excited for the coming season.


Because I have had such success with Bleed Block I purchased ECJR to try on the same horse. He has one hock that is fusing. Every two to three months I have his hock injected and shock waved. At the beginning of December, I was noticing some soreness coming back.


Since I didn't have anything important coming up I decided to start him on the ECJR and see what happened. After 10 days I went to a small jackpot and he was still sore, but the next weekend I could not detect any soreness at all!!! I am so excited! I am looking forward to seeing how well he does after being on it for the full 30 days. I am changing over to all of Equidite's products for my horse. I am so grateful for all the help they have given me.


-Rebecca Hughes