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Monica McClung

I have had excellent results with the Equidite products. Bleed Block has been outstanding with rapid results. I noticed it in the way Guys Voodoo Bug's breathing changed where he could catch his breath quicker and how much easier it is to cool him out. He has yet to bleed through the Bleed Block, which he has done on other products. I have tried many other products on him with little to no results. I truly believe in Bleed Block and  I am excited for Guys Voodoo Bug's future on the product. I am also high on the ECJR. My 2013 futurity horse ended up tearing a tendon in a freak accident in the summer of 2012. I was devastated, with this colt being my favorite of the two I was to campaign in 2013. We ended up doing the stem cell treatment hoping for a quicker recovery. The vet said, he would still be out for 6 months at least. After talking to Coltin Black, I was ready to try the ECJR on Streakin Guy. I have already seen dramatic improvement with him traveling better. I'm very excited to see how much quicker he will recover on this product.


Monica McClung


2012-Reserve Futurity Champion @ LG Pro Classic

BBR 1D High Point Champion- Oklahoma

Overall BBR High Point Champion


2011-WPRA Futurity Champion

1st and 3rd Fastest time in BFA Open

Future Fortunes Average Winner

Reserve World Futurity Champion