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Matt Boice

matt-boice-new.jpgMy clients and I started using Equidite products the first week of March, and as of this writing, it's the fourth week. We currently have eight outside horses in training. We put seven on Bleed Block and ECJR.

The results with ECJR so far have been impressive. All of them have perked up and are moving so much better ... it's unbelievable!

For instance, one mare always carried a small amount of fluid on her knee. The vet said it shouldn't bother her, but she showed soreness on it. It is now down noticeably; the owner can't believe it.

One of my geldings was always setting up early for left turns. This past weekend, he ran up to his pocket like a pro and won fourth.

I have a four-year-old with shoulder soreness. He wasn't hitting the ground right. He ran three tenths off of the fourth place horse in the open since being on this product.
A mare I'm riding sprained a deep digital flexor tendon and it had minimum swelling and heat. Now it's gone! We're hopeful the vet will give us an okay in a couple weeks!

We have seen improvements in every one of the horses on ECJR and feel so blessed that there is finally a product that not only does that, but repairs joints, too.

In short, four of these were bleeding. We cannot believe how they recovered since being run on Bleed Block. It is so nice to get away from Lasix in the summer. With only running them once since using Bleed Block, I can already see a big difference.
Thank you, Equidite, for finally coming up with products that work! I have tried so many for both joints and breathing, it made me feel like giving up and going to injecting stuff to get through a show. It's going to be so much more fun not trying to time stuff out before running, and worrying if it is too late or too early when I ran.
Thanks again!

Matt Boice

2012 Achievements
- Winefield W.V. Futurity Champion
- IBRF Reserve Futurity Champion
- Fort Smith Futurity Finalist Top 20
- 5-55 Drummond Futurity Top 20
- several other open and futurity championships and placings in the U.S. and Canada