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Kindell McKamie

kindell-mckamie-2.jpgkindell-mckamie.jpg"As a horse trainer, I train 10-15 horses a day and have 5-10 horses in competition at any given time. I take pride in my training methods and the way my horses feel. When I ask my horses for their best every day, it is my responsibility to give them the same. In my opinion the best equine product available in our market today that WILL control bleeding and EIPH is Equidite's Bleed Block. It is affordable, safe, all natural and effective. It doesn't just block bleeding, it boosts their immune system and aids in the healing process. Equidite products will always be my choice for equine supplements. In my opinion Equidite's Bleed Block along with their other amazing products will revolutionize our equine industry. I ride and train the best horses with the most heart. Equidite provides me with the best product that keeps my horses running at their maximum potential without compromising their long term health. Equidite, without a doubt, is the one thing our industry has been needing!"

-Kindell McKamie
2010 WPRA Derby World Champion
Owner of Diamond 7 Equine