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Kendall Purgatorio

kendall-purgatorio.jpgThis past summer my six year old derby and pro-rodeo mare Pinny bled during a competition. I have never owned a horse that was a bleeder, but from what I had heard it required drugs to maintain. I wanted to help my mare in the best way possible without the use of drugs. I was referred to a popular natural product by a friend. After a month of being on the product I saw a huge improvement in my mare. When I re-ordered the next month my representative informed me that the company had changed their formula for the product. Unfortunately, the new formula did not seem to have the same positive effects on my mare. With no other alternatives on the market, and my horse's health at risk, I was forced to put her on a vet prescribed medication. While my mare did improve, as she was no longer bleeding, I have to say the medication is quite an unpleasant experience. My mare is extremely difficult to give shots to and the timing factor is a major stress, as you can never seem to accurately pin point how long before you will run, at any given race, to ensure you give the medicine enough time to help your horse and prevent bleeding.


After finding a natural product that I truly believed worked and then having it stop working, and my mare bleeding again, I have been skeptical of any natural products that claim to stop bleeding. That is until I met Coltin and Kathryn Black at the WPRA Finals this year in Lincoln, Nebraska. They are fantastic, down to earth people and they were more than happy to answer all of my questions about their product. I made the decision to give the product a try. From first opening Bleed Block and comparing it to the competing product that I was using at the finals I could already tell a difference. The Bleed Block smelled more potent and fresh than the other product. Pinny has now been on the Bleed Block for a little over a month and she loves it. She cleans her feeder every morning and I am starting to see a major difference in her breathing during exercise and competition again.


I always try to do what is best for my horses. They are athletes and should be treated as such. If there is a product that is natural and eliminates the need for drugs and their hard effects on their systems then I am all for it. I decided to give Equidite’s Bleed Block a chance and I am so grateful that I did. She is continuously improving on this product. She recently won the Derby 1D for the year at the WrapN3 in Gonzales, TX.


There are many top notch horses in our industry that are “bleeders” and without help it would be detrimental to their health to continue to run them. A natural product that successfully controls bleeding in horses without drugs is so important and even more so with organizations making the push for drug rules and testing. I believe Equidite’s Bleed Block is the best solution I have seen on the market today.


I truly believe that Equidite is heading in a great direction with their products. They have an incredible drive to make the best products on the market for your horses without cutting corners and losing the integrity and productiveness of their products. They truly want the best for you and your horses.


-Kendall Purgatorio
WPRA Futurity / Derby Member