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Jenny Smith

jenny-smith.jpgIn March of 2012, I had the opportunity to purchase Cowgirl, a 13 year old mare that had a resume with pro rodeo winnings and placing’s, along with a nice 1d record. Cowgirl had been turned out for 2 years by the advice of the previous owner’s veterinarian. With a multitude of joint problems they just didn’t feel like they could do anything else for her. So reluctantly Cowgirl was retired and had a baby. When the opportunity for me to purchase Cowgirl presented itself, we were hesitant at first due to her joint problems, and there was no real diagnosis of what was wrong with her. However, my husband and I had watched Cowgirl compete since I had first started running barrels and had always wanted her. So we took a chance. With a lot of corrective shoeing, advice and guidance from my Veterinarian, injections, supplements, etc., we were seeing improvements. I was getting able to run her here and there.


AND THEN I FOUND ECJR! Since the first day Cowgirl came home with me I had been searching for a product like this. I saw a flyer on Facebook. I am the C.F.O. of a Physical Therapy Practice and have the opportunity to have personal access to some of the best healthcare providers in the State of Louisiana. So I consulted with a couple about the ECJR and they said it has all the right ingredients in it so give it a shot.


I started Cowgirl on ECJR mid February 2013. There were results at the first barrel race I took her to! Cowgirl is clocking and working great, but most importantly, she feels great.  On May 16, 2013, I took her to my Veterinarian to check and see if she needed any injections. Great news! In the past I had to inject both front ankles, both stifles, both hocks and the whirl bone. This visit we injected only one ankle! ECJR really works and is an awesome product! Cowgirl loves her ECJR!

Thanks to Equidite, and a special thanks to Coltin Black for being so nice and helpful every time I call or email with a question!


Jenny Smith and Cowgirl