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horse-joints.pngA vitamin and mineral supplement for horses of all ages and both sexes. ECJR is a supplement designed to help keep your horse healthy and performing at its best. Our ECJR customers are some of the top equine athletes around the U.S. You can read about their success with this product on our testimonials page or give us a call and we would love to discuss their experiences with you. For more information on EJCR, we encourage you to call 254-307-8299.

This cutting edge combination of numerous joint health ingredients in a 100cc tube makes it convenient and effective to administer.

Our recommendation is the use of ECJR to be fed at 10cc/day for a minimum of 30 days (3 tubes) as a loading dose. Many of our customershave been able to move into a maintenance dose of ECJR after the initial 30days. Through our studies and customer feedback, a successful maintenance dose of 20-30cc/week is most effective. This allows the horse to continue with benefit while also remaining cost effective. However, some riders whom are continuously competing choose to feed ECJR at the full 10cc/day throughout their competition season.

Vitamin E Supplement, Sucrose, Salt,  Vegetable Oil, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Wheat Germ Oil, Dried Active Yeast, Calcium Citrate, Zinc Methionine Complex, Egg Shell Meal, Vitamin D3 Supplement, Lactobacillus acidophilus Fermentation Product, Natural and Artificial Flavorings.

Crude Protein, min


Methionine, min


Crude Fat, min


Crude Fiber, max


Calcium, min


Calcium, max


Salt, min


Salt, max


Zinc, min

1995 ppm

Vitamin E, min

2350 IU/lb

I have completed the initial 30 days with my horse on the ECJR. I am extremely pleased with the results for her.  I bought her as a 3 yr old.  She is now 8.  When I bought her she did not hold her left lead on a lunge line.  It has been a weakness for her but she was able to grow up and have 2 Champion seasons on the AA circuit as a 3ft. hunter (She was a World Championship Hunter Rider Finals Qualifier and 3rd in the Eastern Region).  She was champion every time out 1 1/2 ago when she started looking foot sore.  She showed inflammation in the navicular bursa, coffin joint issues, as well as deep digital flexor tendon issues on an MRI.  She has also had hock and stifle injections and suffered from Lyme in her past.  She had 6 months off with IRAP and tildren to get her back to showing.  She had a yr of poor performances at a lower level than she used to show.  She just hasn't had the same stride or jump she used to.  After 25 days of ECJR she looks better than she did at 3.  She is actually holding her lead without me needing to help her balance on the lunge line, her stride is beautiful, her trot is bigger; I really can't believe the difference in her.  She is as smooth and beautiful as a hunter gets and I'd love to see this still young wonderful mare back in the ring she belongs in. This is a wonderful product that has given me hope my talented mare can continue at the level she was so successful at.


Jennifer Olsen




In March of 2012, I had the opportunity to purchase Cowgirl, a 13 year old mare that had a resume with pro rodeo winnings and placing’s, along with a nice 1d record. Cowgirl had been turned out for 2 years by the advice of the previous owner’s veterinarian. With a multitude of joint problems they just didn’t feel like they could do anything else for her. So reluctantly Cowgirl was retired and had a baby. When the opportunity for me to purchase Cowgirl presented itself, we were hesitant at first due to her joint problems, and there was no real diagnosis of what was wrong with her. However, my husband and I had watched Cowgirl compete since I had first started running barrels and had always wanted her. So we took a chance. With a lot of corrective shoeing, advice and guidance from my Veterinarian, injections, supplements, etc., we were seeing improvements. I was getting able to run her here and there.


AND THEN I FOUND ECJR! Since the first day Cowgirl came home with me I had been searching for a product like this. I saw a flyer on Facebook. I am the C.F.O. of a Physical Therapy Practice and have the opportunity to have personal access to some of the best healthcare providers in the State of Louisiana. So I consulted with a couple about the ECJR and they said it has all the right ingredients in it so give it a shot.


I started Cowgirl on ECJR mid February 2013. There were results at the first barrel race I took her to! Cowgirl is clocking and working great, but most importantly, she feels great.  On May 16, 2013, I took her to my Veterinarian to check and see if she needed any injections. Great news! In the past I had to inject both front ankles, both stifles, both hocks and the whirl bone. This visit we injected only one ankle! ECJR really works and is an awesome product! Cowgirl loves her ECJR!

Thanks to Equidite, and a special thanks to Coltin Black for being so nice and helpful every time I call or email with a question!


Jenny Smith and Cowgirl


My clients and I started using Equidite products the first week of March, and as of this writing, it's the fourth week. We currently have eight outside horses in training. We put seven on Bleed Block and ECJR.

The results with ECJR so far have been impressive. All of them have perked up and are moving so much better ... it's unbelievable!

For instance, one mare always carried a small amount of fluid on her knee. The vet said it shouldn't bother her, but she showed soreness on it. It is now down noticeably; the owner can't believe it.

One of my geldings was always setting up early for left turns. This past weekend, he ran up to his pocket like a pro and won fourth.

I have a four-year-old with shoulder soreness. He wasn't hitting the ground right. He ran three tenths off of the fourth place horse in the open since being on this product.
A mare I'm riding sprained a deep digital flexor tendon and it had minimum swelling and heat. Now it's gone! We're hopeful the vet will give us an okay in a couple weeks!

We have seen improvements in every one of the horses on ECJR and feel so blessed that there is finally a product that not only does that, but repairs joints, too.

In short, four of these were bleeding. We cannot believe how they recovered since being run on Bleed Block. It is so nice to get away from Lasix in the summer. With only running them once since using Bleed Block, I can already see a big difference.
Thank you, Equidite, for finally coming up with products that work! I have tried so many for both joints and breathing, it made me feel like giving up and going to injecting stuff to get through a show. It's going to be so much more fun not trying to time stuff out before running, and worrying if it is too late or too early when I ran.
Thanks again!

Matt Boice

2012 Achievements
- Winefield W.V. Futurity Champion
- IBRF Reserve Futurity Champion
- Fort Smith Futurity Finalist Top 20
- 5-55 Drummond Futurity Top 20
- several other open and futurity championships and placings in the U.S. and Canada


Last summer my mare bled during my run. It was my first experience with having to deal with this issue.

I was introduced to Equidite at the Women's Finals in Lincoln. NE After visiting with Coltin we decided to try Bleed Block.

Ali has never been better. I am so impressed with how so is acting & looking since she has been on Bleed Block. I have been able to breeze her out with no side effects, something that I was afraid to do without Lasix. She has a great mental attitude. I ran her at a couple of winter rodeos. The indoor venues are very tight quarters & very loud. Ali stood quiet and happy. She ran both rodeos lasix-free placing third at the first rodeo with a stumble and won the next rodeo. I believe she is running harder & more confident than ever before.

I have started Ali & JD on the ECJR & TMD as well to keep them feeling good & for overall maintenance.

I am very excited to see what this year brings. Thanks Kathryn and Coltin for introducing me to such beneficial product.


Sabrina Miller


3 - Time Great Lakes Circuit Finals Qualifier

2012 Iowa NBHA 1D Champion

2-Day Average Saddle Winner at Big J Barrel Blast, Waterloo, IA

Pursuit of Excellence Award at Sharon Camarillo Classic


I have had excellent results with the Equidite products. Bleed Block has been outstanding with rapid results. I noticed it in the way Guys Voodoo Bug's breathing changed where he could catch his breath quicker and how much easier it is to cool him out. He has yet to bleed through the Bleed Block, which he has done on other products. I have tried many other products on him with little to no results. I truly believe in Bleed Block and  I am excited for Guys Voodoo Bug's future on the product. I am also high on the ECJR. My 2013 futurity horse ended up tearing a tendon in a freak accident in the summer of 2012. I was devastated, with this colt being my favorite of the two I was to campaign in 2013. We ended up doing the stem cell treatment hoping for a quicker recovery. The vet said, he would still be out for 6 months at least. After talking to Coltin Black, I was ready to try the ECJR on Streakin Guy. I have already seen dramatic improvement with him traveling better. I'm very excited to see how much quicker he will recover on this product.


Monica McClung


2012-Reserve Futurity Champion @ LG Pro Classic

BBR 1D High Point Champion- Oklahoma

Overall BBR High Point Champion


2011-WPRA Futurity Champion

1st and 3rd Fastest time in BFA Open

Future Fortunes Average Winner

Reserve World Futurity Champion


This is Heavenly Salute aka Mighty Ducker.. He's been on ECJR for two months now and I can tell a LARGE difference in his performance. I can also tell he looks totally different since being on the product.


This is Flaming Red Money aka Check.. He tore his superficial, deep digital, and suspensory we did a surgery on him that went south, and at the last recheck they told me to pull his shoes and hope for a miracle. I started him on ECJR a week ago and can already see improvement. I will be taking him for a recheck in January to see what they say, but I'm VERY happy with results thus far.


I've been pushing the ECJR around all the rodeos I've been going to and told several of my fellow barrel racers about the product. I am honestly amazed at the results I've gotten with both the horses I've got on it. I take Check back in January to see what they say. I'm hoping this was the miracle I needed. He deserves to be back in the arena doing what he loves.. I can't thank you and your company enough.. Thank you! Also if y'all ever decide to have a team Equidite I would be more than happy to be a part of the team.. Great product!!! Thank you so much!!


The horse I call Mighty Ducker did not push off and finish his first barrel until I put him on the ECJR he was on it 4 days before I ran him and WOW what a difference I could tell.. I truly was amazed, and I'm a hard one to do that with.


-Tonia Hoffman


I have a really nice horse that I started seasoning at rodeo's 2 years ago. He just quit firing. After investigating every pain and trying several things I decided to turn him out. After 10 months I started exercising him again. I ran him a couple of times in March and April. He felt really good, so I started entering more often.


After winning a big added money race in Mid June he bled. I battled his bleeding all summer. Each time I thought it was under control then he would bleed again. I entered the WPRA Finals in Oct. My first run in the card race he fell all the way to his hip and still placed at the top of the 2D with a 16.61, and bled.


He was given lasix, Chinese Herbs, and used the flare strip. Earlier that day I had spoken to Coltin and Kathryn Black with Equidite about their Bleed Block powder. I went and bought a bucket. I started him on a loading dose that day. The next day for our second run he did not fire, hit a barrel, still ran a 16.6, not bleeding!!! On day three he felt much better, running a 16.2 and again no bleeding!!!


Since then I have had great success. I have started decreasing the lasix. He is running harder than ever and I have had several people notice how much harder he is running. I am super excited for the coming season.


Because I have had such success with Bleed Block I purchased ECJR to try on the same horse. He has one hock that is fusing. Every two to three months I have his hock injected and shock waved. At the beginning of December, I was noticing some soreness coming back.


Since I didn't have anything important coming up I decided to start him on the ECJR and see what happened. After 10 days I went to a small jackpot and he was still sore, but the next weekend I could not detect any soreness at all!!! I am so excited! I am looking forward to seeing how well he does after being on it for the full 30 days. I am changing over to all of Equidite's products for my horse. I am so grateful for all the help they have given me.


-Rebecca Hughes


"Hawk was a horse that I purchased as a three year old. He had some minor issues in his stifle but I decided to go ahead and buy him. We started showing him at the beginning of his 3 year old year. Mackie Hursh rode him to the finals in the Super Stakes and placed high in the Summer Spectacular Derby. Sadly, Hhis career was over after these events due to his lameness issues. We had won $70k on him in a very short period of time. We had limited opportunities to show him to his potential.


He has a narrow spacing in his stifle which caused him to go to work injured the entire time we were showing him. Hawk was receiving injections on a regular basis, along with IRAP. He now has been in retirement for 2 years, turned out in a pasture and his conditions have steadily been getting worse. At times during retirement he would move decent and other times he could barely even motor.


We started him on Equidite’s Embryo Cell Joint Repair two months ago and he has shown dramatic improvement. The first video was when we started it on him and the 2nd was exactly thirty days after. Significant improvement has been shown as you can see. Also, Hawk has regained all of his muscle around his stifle where before ECJR it had deteriorated away because it wasn’t being used anymore.


Before that 2nd video was taken, Hawk was running, bucking and playing in a 150ft round pen for 45 minutes. He then stood around 30 minutes and previous to using ECJR he would have gotten sore, but didn’t. Mackie Hursh says he shown even more improvement since this 2nd video.


Our goal is to bring Hawk back to the cutting pen and this video is proof that we are well on our way. I am amazed at what this supplement has done and will continue to use it to return hawk to the career he deserves."


-Rick Reeves
Happy Valley Ranch


I purchased Bugsy in 2007 as a 4yr old. I knew she had potential, but she always seemed to have something going on. She was started on barrels but not finished. I continued training her; she was making a very nice running horse. She was injured in a trailer accident that caused damage to her right stifle. That injury along with a ton of female issues caused her to compensate and put added pressure on her hocks. Over the past 3 years she was getting injections every 3 months, because she is bone-on-bone in her hocks and had NO cartilage at all.


The injections quit working about a year ago, they would last about a month, then Bugsy would be in pain and not run, she would not enter the gate, kick out, bite, rear up and buck. She was getting joint supplements (two kinds,) running on Previcox (a pain killer) and a shot of Polyglycan twice a month. Nothing was helping. I would wrap her hocks in poultice, purchased a Respond Laser to see if that would help her go ahead and fuse and nothing was helping.


I was talking to Mr. Rick Reeves and Bobby Campbell, they told me about ECJR. I said what the heck, let's try it and on October 9th, 2012 I started Bugsy on the ECJR. Within two weeks I could see a difference in her stride. She has not had an injection since July 2012, so they were worn off. My daughter, Ashton's, pole horse was injured, so I told her to start running Bugsy and let’s see how she does. That weekend at the high school rodeo, Ashton would have clocked a 21.527, but hit a pole. Bugsy walked in the gate and was working. The following rodeo, Ashton and Bugsy ran a 21.7, once again Bugsy entered with no problem and was working. November 13, I let Ashton run Bugsy at a benefit barrel race in Brandon, MS. Bugsy was 11th in the 1D out of 173 horses. Thanksgiving weekend, Ashton and Bugsy won (Friday) 3rd in 1D in youth, and 4th in 1D in open. Saturday's run, they were in the bottom of 1D in both youth and open.


I give credit to God because he has a plan and He is always in control and to ECJR because it is helping my mare run in the 1D again. Bugsy gets the ECJR, Equipride, and Matrix 5 joint supplement (only 1) she is currently not being run on any pain killers or polyglycan. Thank you for making a product that is helping my mare be used and enjoyed again. I plan to take her back to my vet in December to take x-rays and see where she is.


-Cathy M. Williamson


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Product Reviews

  1. Xrays Don't Lie 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2014

    We meet Coltin and Kathryn in Lincoln at the Women's Finals. I was very skeptical with the ECJR, as I am with new products and the so called drastic results or miracle supplements. At the time our gelding was acting up and resisting the gate and ducking barrels. Come to find out he was diagnosed with four bone spurs. After talking with Coltin and hearing the successes that he had seen with the ECJR I decided to try the product as I was not ready to give up on our horse, he deserved the opportunity to feel better and compete without hurting. Still skeptical we stared the loading dose and after about 2 weeks of rest started lightly working him. As I stood by him as my wife was getting ready to get on him for the first time I said "Somethings different, He is calm and not fidgety and he didn't resist going to the arena". I watched as she rode and noticed a strange look on her face, she looked at me with a puzzled look of disbelief and said "He's not so stiff and choppy". She could ride him again without her back hurting her. His demeanor completely changed and wanted to work barrels again......Hmmmm amazing he wasn't hurting !!! Continuing on with another dose of ECJR I still wondered is this stuff actually working and dissolving the spurs and building new cartilage??? Or is this just a strange fluke coincidence ? Well call it what it is... A MIRICALE SUPPLEMENT. We had him xrayed again and I was absolutely amazed ONLY 1 bone spur !! Nothing different was done except the ECJR. Currently we are working on the last spur. So I'm here to say ECJR works....XRAYS DON"T LIE

  2. Amazing Results 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2013

    My 7 year old barrel mare was experiencing many lameness issues even though x-rays could not pin point the problem. I read about your product, and started her on ECJR . Within 2 weeks noticed improvements in how she moved; and after 30 -45 days, she is back working the pattern willingly and wants to be ridden. Had a follow up visit with the massage therapist and chiropractor and was told that it was amazing as "she is a totally different horse than when I first saw her ". We are thrilled with the initial results and look for more to come!

  3. Lovin this Product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2013

    I've been using ECJR for 2 months now on my 18 yr old barrel horse, did the 1 month loading dose an now he's on maint. he feels better than he ever has since I bought him. I had him checked a few weeks ago an no injections needed, normally he has his stifles and hocks done.

  4. Amazing product!!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2013

    ECJR after just 17 days has my main rodeo mare moving and feeling so good. Thanks Equidite for such a great paste. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a joint supplement!!!:)

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