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Cathy M. Williamson

cathy-williamson.jpgI purchased Bugsy in 2007 as a 4yr old. I knew she had potential, but she always seemed to have something going on. She was started on barrels but not finished. I continued training her; she was making a very nice running horse. She was injured in a trailer accident that caused damage to her right stifle. That injury along with a ton of female issues caused her to compensate and put added pressure on her hocks. Over the past 3 years she was getting injections every 3 months, because she is bone-on-bone in her hocks and had NO cartilage at all.


The injections quit working about a year ago, they would last about a month, then Bugsy would be in pain and not run, she would not enter the gate, kick out, bite, rear up and buck. She was getting joint supplements (two kinds,) running on Previcox (a pain killer) and a shot of Polyglycan twice a month. Nothing was helping. I would wrap her hocks in poultice, purchased a Respond Laser to see if that would help her go ahead and fuse and nothing was helping.


I was talking to Mr. Rick Reeves and Bobby Campbell, they told me about ECJR. I said what the heck, let's try it and on October 9th, 2012 I started Bugsy on the ECJR. Within two weeks I could see a difference in her stride. She has not had an injection since July 2012, so they were worn off. My daughter, Ashton's, pole horse was injured, so I told her to start running Bugsy and let’s see how she does. That weekend at the high school rodeo, Ashton would have clocked a 21.527, but hit a pole. Bugsy walked in the gate and was working. The following rodeo, Ashton and Bugsy ran a 21.7, once again Bugsy entered with no problem and was working. November 13, I let Ashton run Bugsy at a benefit barrel race in Brandon, MS. Bugsy was 11th in the 1D out of 173 horses. Thanksgiving weekend, Ashton and Bugsy won (Friday) 3rd in 1D in youth, and 4th in 1D in open. Saturday's run, they were in the bottom of 1D in both youth and open.


I give credit to God because he has a plan and He is always in control and to ECJR because it is helping my mare run in the 1D again. Bugsy gets the ECJR, Equipride, and Matrix 5 joint supplement (only 1) she is currently not being run on any pain killers or polyglycan. Thank you for making a product that is helping my mare be used and enjoyed again. I plan to take her back to my vet in December to take x-rays and see where she is.


-Cathy M. Williamson