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Bleed Block

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A vitamin and mineral supplement for horses of all ages and both sexes. Any one searching for a product to assist in the challenge of managing a horse with EIPH/Nasal Bleeding symptoms is encouraged to call us at Equidite to learn about what this supplement can do for you and your equine athlete. Call us at 254-307-8299. Not for sale outside of the United States.
Size Feedings     SRP       Cost/Serving
3.75 lbs     60 $149 $2.48


Topdress 2 ounces per head per day for first seven days (best if in split feedings). One ounce daily, thereafter.

Hemicellulose Extract, Stabilized Rice Bran, Cotton Seed Meal, L-lysine, Monohydrochloride, Wheat Germ Meal, Kelp, Grape Pomace, Hydrolyzed Yeast Extract, Menadione Nicotinamide Bisulfate (Source of Vitamin K Activity and Supplemental Niacin), Sucrose, Citrus Seed Meal, Calcium Citrate, Zinc Proteinate, Ascorbic Acid (Source of Vitamin C), Vitamin E Supplement, Copper Proteinate, Selenium Yeast, Natural and Artificial Flavors, Magnesium Silicate, L-arginine, Wheat Germ Oil.

Crude Protein, min


Crude Fat, min 3.5%
Crude Fiber, max 8.0%
Lysine, min 7.5%
Zinc, min 1740 ppm
Copper, min 610 ppm
Vitamin E, min 1500 IU/lb
Vitamin K, min 3600 mg/lb
Vitamin B3, min 2600 mg,lb
Selenium, min 8.1 ppm

Here are some pictures of the horses I have on BLEED BLOCK. Bobbie Gene, A Special Colour , Cartels Fame and Frenchmans Jester in order.


I have been using this product for over 2 months and can already see a remarkable difference. I have been able to stop using any other medications for bleeding. I actually am just using the product as a preventative against bleeding now. I can honestly say I have seen a huge difference in my horses and would recommend this product for any horse that is running competitively.


Angela Ganter




matt-boice.jpgMy clients and I started using Equidite products the first week of March, and as of this writing, it's the fourth week. We currently have eight outside horses in training. We put seven on Bleed Block and ECJR.

The results with ECJR so far have been impressive. All of them have perked up and are moving so much better ... it's unbelievable!

For instance, one mare always carried a small amount of fluid on her knee. The vet said it shouldn't bother her, but she showed soreness on it. It is now down noticeably; the owner can't believe it.

One of my geldings was always setting up early for left turns. This past weekend, he ran up to his pocket like a pro and won fourth.

I have a four-year-old with shoulder soreness. He wasn't hitting the ground right. He ran three tenths off of the fourth place horse in the open since being on this product. A mare I'm riding sprained a deep digital flexor tendon and it had minimum swelling and heat. Now it's gone! We're hopeful the vet will give us an okay in a couple weeks!

We have seen improvements in every one of the horses on ECJR and feel so blessed that there is finally a product that not only does that, but repairs joints, too.

In short, four of these were bleeding. We cannot believe how they recovered since being run on Bleed Block. It is so nice to get away from Lasix in the summer. With only running them once since using Bleed Block, I can already see a big difference. Thank you, Equidite, for finally coming up with products that work! I have tried so many for both joints and breathing, it made me feel like giving up and going to injecting stuff to get through a show. It's going to be so much more fun not trying to time stuff out before running, and worrying if it is too late or too early when I ran.
Thanks again!

Matt Boice

2012 Achievements
- Winefield W.V. Futurity Champion
- IBRF Reserve Futurity Champion
- Fort Smith Futurity Finalist Top 20
- 5-55 Drummond Futurity Top 20
- several other open and futurity championships and placings in the U.S. and Canada





Last summer my mare bled during my run. It was my first experience with having to deal with this issue.

I was introduced to Equidite at the Women's Finals in Lincoln. NE After visiting with Coltin we decided to try Bleed Block.

Ali has never been better. I am so impressed with how so is acting & looking since she has been on Bleed Block. I have been able to breeze her out with no side effects, something that I was afraid to do without Lasix. She has a great mental attitude. I ran her at a couple of winter rodeos. The indoor venues are very tight quarters & very loud. Ali stood quiet and happy. She ran both rodeos lasix-free placing third at the first rodeo with a stumble and won the next rodeo. I believe she is running harder & more confident than ever before.

I have started Ali & JD on the ECJR & TMD as well to keep them feeling good & for overall maintenance.

I am very excited to see what this year brings. Thanks Kathryn and Coltin for introducing me to such beneficial product.


Sabrina Miller


3 - Time Great Lakes Circuit Finals Qualifier

2012 Iowa NBHA 1D Champion

2-Day Average Saddle Winner at Big J Barrel Blast, Waterloo, IA

Pursuit of Excellence Award at Sharon Camarillo Classic





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Product Reviews

  1. Worth the buy!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Apr 2015

    I bought this for my rodeo horse in hopes the it would help alleviate the bleeding, but it stopped it completely. I can tell in his over all performance that he feels better. He gets more and more confident with each run. I am more that happy with the product. I have had him on it for about 3 months now but I noticed changes within the first couple weeks.

  2. Great Product! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Feb 2015

    I've been using Bleed Block for about a year now with amazing results. My horse was never a real "bleeder" but we had a few episodes where he had sneezed some brown blood. I had him scoped with no signs of EIPH. I decided as precaution to start a bleeding supplement. After using lung aid 3 months I decided I'd give Bleed Block a chance. No more bleeding episodes at all since we started bleed block. Very pleased with this product. While my horse was never on lasix I could see how this product could help eliminate the need for lasix. Thanks Equidite!

  3. Bleed Block is my MUST HAVE 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2014

    I was first introduced to Bleed Block through a very reputable and well respected horseman. Even though this person was trustworthy I still found myself somewhat skeptical. I've had a gelding who bleeds immensely and was using Lasix with a heavy heart. I know that it was hard on him and refused to continue. I tried the Bleed Block, in fact I ordered it that weekend and have been using it now for almost 1 full year! To date...NOT A SINGLE BLEED! I don't leave home without it and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a bleeder! Thank you Equidite for changing my life but more importantly the health and well being of my horse!

  4. Excellent Results 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jun 2014

    I have a barrel horse that bled for the first time a few weeks ago. He has had a summertime cough for the last few months.
    Two very successful barrel racers told me to try this and one of them uses it herself on several horses.
    It must be coincidence, but Luke has been on it only 8 days and already no cough. I ran him last nite and no bleeding.
    I truly believe this is a quality product with real results.
    I am so relieved.
    Thank you

  5. Great for lung health 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Mar 2014

    I am using Bleed Block on all my barrel horses to improve their lung health. Only one has had a bleeding issue and after introducing Bleed Block, was able to take him completely off of Lasix.

  6. Best Product By Far 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Sep 2013

    We have two horses on Bleed Block. One for EIPH and the other has Summertime Induced COPD. I was leery to run our horse w/o Lasix after going thru him bleeding w/o it, but he has done wonderful and has been on the product since June 2013. We decided to try it on our COPD mare because the Ventipulmin hyped her up so much. She was also on Albuterol twice a day. She is doing so well on the Bleeder Block, that she is off all her medicines. No heavy breathing with warm-ups or in the extreme heat and her recovery time after a run is normal. We are very pleased with this product.

  7. Bleed Block was the answer 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Apr 2013

    I was having a terrible time trying to control my horses bleeding. When Colten and Katheryn introduced me to Bleed Block at the WPRA Finals last fall I was using 4 different products and still not having consistent success. Within a month of starting Bleed Block I saw results! His bleeding is under control!!

  8. Finally.... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Mar 2013

    Finally there is a product that works. I heard about the product from a friend of mine who had been using it with alot of success. At first I did not want to try it, but they kept telling me how good their horse was doing, and i have tried alot of others. My horse is a failry bad bleeder in hot weather. Since being on Bleed Block, he has yet to bleed and I have been been able to reduce the lasix every thirty days. I also want to add that he is breathing alot better especially after a run.

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