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Amy Swan

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I have an 8 yr old mare, (Boons Prescription) AK Harley, that started bleeding when she was 5 yrs old. I was friends with a lady who sold the Bleeder Stop from Oxygen and we started her on it. She worked great on it and only bled through it one time due to high heat and humidity in East Texas. She was running and working good, but felt like she wasn't running sometimes. I had to lay off her for a few months due to some feet issues and took her off the Bleeder Stop. After getting the OK to start riding again I was not able to get the Bleeder Stop to me on time to get her fully dosed on it and she bled on me again. This time she bled worse then she had ever before. I spoke with several people referring the Bleed Block. So I called and had a bucket shipped. I have now had her on the Bleed Block for almost 2 months and she is running harder and turning harder than she ever has. She is back to running 1D/2D times. Two weeks ago she turned so hard she twisted a back shoe off. This is starting to be a common occurrence so we put clips on her back shoes. I have also noticed that deep ground is not bothering her anymore. She stands a true 14.2 so deep heavy ground has been an issue in the past. Today, ground isn't going to be an issue for her at all. I am really impressed with the Bleed Block and if you have a bleeder, please take a look at this product. Thank you again Coltin for a wonderful product.


-Amy Swan